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Welcome! I'm a clinical psychologist based in Ponsonby, Auckland, with a particular interest in stress and anxiety. Whether you are burnt out in the workplace, pushing yourself too hard, over-committed in your life; or you are unable to stop worrying, feeling on edge, panicking,
or avoiding things you fear, I can help you.

These are all issues that take a huge toll on us. We often carry them around for many years, battling them alone, with all sorts of reasons why we don't seek help from a therapist or psychologist. However they are extremely treatable difficulties, with sound scientific research guiding the therapies, and frequent positive outcomes.

Stop carrying these weights on your shoulders and have a confidential, no-obligation chat with me. We can discuss any questions, concerns, or reservations you may have first, and then you can take your time and make a fully informed decision about the next steps you'd like to take. If this isn't for you, I am happy to suggest other places and resources that you could reach out to so you don't go away empty handed.

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As a fully qualified doctor in clinical psychology, with full registration to practice under the clinical scope in New Zealand, I am experienced in treating a wide range of mental health difficulties. If you would like help with any other issue (as anxiety often does not exist in isolation; depression for example is common), you are welcome to get in touch.


Clinical Psychologist, Mother, Lover of Outdoor baths, Good food, Entrepreneurial Ventures, and a fascination with Anxiety.


Clincial Psychologist

Dr. Mieke Garrett 
DClinPsych, BSc (Hons, 1st), MNZCCP

To become a Clinical Psychologist I completed seven years of University level training (3 degrees in total).
Following this, I worked in a range of settings; most recently with adults aged 18-65 years at Counties Manukau DHB with people experiencing a range of mental health difficulties, and as a Senior Professional Clinician at Massey University supervising Postgraduate students in the CBT Diploma.
After having my son I decided to work closer to home, which also enabled me to specialise in an area I am truly excited about and have personal experience in.
I also really enjoy teaching, and have lectured at Massey University, guest lectured at AUT, and provided workshops to health professionals including GPs. I have co-authored several publications which can be viewed through my LinkedIn profile.



You don't need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from seeing a psychologist. All of us experience a range of difficulties throughout our lives, stress being a common one. 

There are many possible factors that can contribute to stress and burn out, which need to be discussed on an individual basis. Some possibilities might include:

  • High expectations of yourself with regards to the amount of work you believe you should take on, or what you should be achieving

  • Perfectionism - Needing to get everything exactly right, and feeling unable to accept "good enough". This can often include a sense that you have never achieved perfection and are always falling short.

  • Difficulties saying no to people

  • Beliefs you hold about yourself in relation to work, for example "If I don't work til I'm exhausted, then I'm lazy"

  • Wanting to keep busy to avoid feelings that may arise if you are not busy - for example, boredom, low mood, anxiety.

  • Of course, sometimes life can just build up without us being aware of how much we have taken on, and we don't know how to find a way back to simplicity...

This is not an exhaustive list and none of these may apply to you. Every individual is different.


Everyone experiences anxiety, but did you know anxiety disorders are the most common mental health diagnosis in New Zealand? 

Common types of anxiety include:


  • Generalised anxiety - Which frequently involves feeling you are constantly on edge, unable to stop worrying over and over about worst case outcomes

  • Panic attacks - This involves an intense burst of anxiety and people often fear that they may die from the attack (rest assured panic attacks are not physically dangerous)

  • Phobias - This could include anything but common ones include heights, or being in places where escape would be difficult or a panic attack is perceived to be dangerous, such as crowded places or driving on the motorway / over the harbour bridge

  • Social anxiety - Another really common experience whereby you dread and usually try to avoid social situations, or otherwise endure them with intense distress, feeling sure that everyone is noticing your anxiety.

Anxiety can be very debilitating, and can lead to us missing out on things we love as well as enduring great distress for a long time.

Psychologists have excellent techniques for helping you address these difficulties now.


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Dr. Mieke Garrett

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