Dr Georgina Parr

Georgina is a clinical psychologist, available for consultations in my rooms between Tuesday and Friday. She sees people with a wide range of difficulties. www.drgeorginaparr.co.nz



I am often asked for further recommendations for who else to see if myself or Georgina are fully booked. Below is a list of psychologists and other practitioners I either personally know or have been recommended by a trusted colleague and who I endorse.

The list is not comprehensive and are simply names of people you could enquire with to see if they are the right fit for you. 

Dr Sara Poananga

Sara is a clinical psychologist, available for consultations in Parnell. She sees people with a wide range of difficulties. https://aucklandpsychology.co.nz/dr-sara-poananga/

Dr Leanne Taylor-Miller

Leanne is a practical and experienced clinical psychologist based in Greenlane. She gets quickly to the heart of your difficulties and helps you understand them and build useful tools to make significant changes. Balance Psychology

Centre for Psychology, Massey University

There are a range of highly skilled clinical psychologists based at the Centre for Psychology at Massey University in Albany. The Centre also often has psychology Interns (usually in their 7th year of study) and psychology students (usually in their 5th year of study) available at discounted rates. Interns and students are an excellent option as they are highly devoted with a small caseload, and receive very close supervision from more senior psychologists. Centre for Psychology

Susan Harding

Susan is a clinical psychologist who, in addition to CBT and EMDR, offers emotion focused techniques and emotionally focused couples therapy. This is sometimes a nice addition to the practical here-and-now tools, when a stuck emotion needs processing and working through in another way. Ponsonby Psychology 

Lynley Stenhouse

Lynley is a very experienced clinical psychologist who works in Ponsonby Monday - Thursday. You can contact her by email at Lynley@zemo.co.nz or phone 027 480 3755.

Kay Mathewson

Kay is an experienced clinical psychologist who primarily works with children. She has a wonderful and engaging style. She offers some private appointments in Mairangi Bay. You can contact her on 027 532 2235

Amy Sherpa & Elspeth Witton

Amy and Elspeth are registered nurses, having over ten years’ experience, with a background in neonatal nursing. They can help parents with babies sleep difficulties, and other issues that may affect babies' sleep. They work from an evidence-based background informed by their medical knowledge.

Contact them here 

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