December 8, 2018

Managing Stress at Christmas 

Written byDr Mieke Garrett | The Stress and Anxiety Doctor

  • Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that some of the happiest and most joy-filled times in our lives can also be the most stressful. Christmas in particular can bring a multitude of unique stressors, often all at once, for people to have to deal with.
    This can include challenges in dealing with a wide array of different personalities coming together, but can also mean old memories and unresolved issues arising; a sense of pressure for people to really...

January 17, 2018

Fear of Flying

Written by Dr Mieke Garrett | The Stress & Anxiety Doctor

It’s true: I have a fear of flying, and until a few years ago, I was a mess on aeroplanes. My anxiety would begin from the moment I booked a flight, even if it was months in advance, and would escalate in the terminal waiting to board, before peaking once on the flight. The finality of the doors closing rendering escape impossible, and the sound of the engines revving pushed me to the edges of panic.

I wanted to learn skills to manage this in order to practice what I preached,...

June 14, 2017


Written by Dr Mieke Garrett | The Stress & Anxiety Doctor
Based on theory developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn (Mindfulness) and Marsha Linehan (DBT)

Mindfulness is a term many people have heard of, but have varying understandings of. Usually, we associate it with living in the moment, doing one thing at a time, and visualisation exercises. However it’s a lot more detailed than that, and it is something we can all benefit from and apply to all areas of our lives, Apart from slowing down and appreciating positive experiences more, it can also a...

May 29, 2017

Anxiety & Worry

Written by Dr Mieke Garrett | The Stress & Anxiety Doctor
Based on theory developed by Adrian Wells (Metacognitive therapy) & Aaron T Beck (CBT)

Worry can be a huge pain. We often use the terms "worry" and "anxiety" somewhat interchangeably. To be clear, worry is an active thought process. Something we deliberately (whether we know it or not) engage in, in the form of words and/or images. Anxiety is an emotion, often experienced in a strong physical capacity, which can be a result of worry.

Worry (in my words) is the process of eng...

April 28, 2017

These resources are continually updated. Keep checking back for more.
Please note they are also by no means extensive; they are a few of my personal favourites.


Lifeline 0800 543 354 |
Lifeline Aotearoa's telephone counselling service provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week counselling and support. 

Depression Helpline 0800 111 757 | 

Talk to a trained counsellor at the Depression Helpline about how you are feeling or to ask a question. This is a free 24/7 helpline.

Anxiety Trust Help...

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DISCLAIMER:  These resources are written by Dr Mieke Garrett, but are not original ideas. Where possible, key contributors / authors of these ideas have been cited. Please also note that the contents contained in these documents are for information only. They are not intended to be used to treat any mental illness. The clinical diagnosis and treatment of mental illness requires direct consultation with a properly qualified health professional. If you are having difficulties, please consult your GP or a mental health professional in the first instance. These resources are not intended to be used in isolation or as a substitute for obtaining individual psychological assistance and must not be relied on for this. They must also not be used for medical advice. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please see your medical doctor. The author does not accept responsibility for difficulties arising out of failure to seek formal medical or psychological advice or for misinterpretation or misuse of the information. Whilst every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, the author cannot guarantee that the information is free of error or omission. The author shall accept no liability for any act or omission occurring in reliance on the information on this website and for any consequences of any  such act or omission.

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Fear of Flying
Managing food allergy anxiety

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My article on managing anxiety in food allergies is in the December 2017 / Summer edition of Allergy Today, purchasable from Allergy New Zealand's online shop. The PDF of this article is available above.

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